It has only been 3 months since our last expedition, HF28, and we are beginning another expedition back to Canal Copihue. This expedition will be HF30, and one glance at our expedition vessel reminds us of the beautiful landscape that will once again surround us. Representing the Huinay Scientific Field Station, two of us are going as a diving team: Francine Beaujot and Rodrigo Sanchez. The focus of this expedition is oceanographic, and a team of nine people from Centro IDEAL are letting us join their expedition.

Led by Dr. Rodrigo Torres, their mission is to measure the chemical conditions of the Strait of Magellan, specifically the effects of acidification of the ocean. We thoroughly enjoyed working with their team. For more information follow this link to their website: The oceanographic expedition fell in line with our plans of returning to our monitoring sites again, so by teaming up we are fortunate to be able to combine our efforts to make it to the remote region.